How world-leading travel, mobility, and consumer brands use CHOOOSE technology to elevate their customer experience with trusted climate action solutions.

"CHOOOSE integrates where recurring customer activity happens, powering climate-friendly customer experiences, and enabling our Partners to facilitate meaningful climate action."

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Skyscanner is the most trusted travel search site in the world, with over 100 million travellers relying on their services each month. As part of its mission to lead the global transformation to modern and sustainable travel, Skyscanner has partnered with CHOOOSE to integrate climate action into their Direct Booking platform. The CHOOOSE travel API integration enables Skyscanner customers to seamlessly calculate and offset their flight’s carbon emissions during checkout.

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The UK's biggest airport, Heathrow, has partnered with CHOOOSE to make flight offsetting available for its 80 million annual travellers. A Flight Footprint Calculator which is accessible from enables passengers to calculate and offset the carbon footprint of their journey. The program supports a combination of certified reforestation and wind farm projects that actively help to address climate change by removing and reducing global carbon emissions.


As a part of its comprehensive sustainability program, Norwegian have integrated with CHOOOSE APIs to make it easy for its passengers to offset their travel footprint when flying with the airline. By opting in during the check-out process, passengers support CO2-reducing projects certified by the United Nations and the Gold Standard. The solution is the first-ever from an airline to be approved by the United Nations «Climate Neutral Now» initiative.


Wizz Air, Europe’s fastest-growing airline, has partnered with CHOOOSE to launch a carbon offsetting scheme as part of its wider commitment to reducing emissions. By inputting flight details to a travel footprint calculator accessible from, passengers can easily calculate and offset their travel footprint. To account for their carbon emissions, passengers simply make a payment supporting a verified carbon offset and receive a certificate in return, recognizing the emissions they have offset.


Travel icon Lonely Planet has partnered with CHOOOSE to let travellers from all corners of the world take responsibility for the carbon footprint of every aspect of their journey. The solution is designed to enable travelers to offset not only their flights but also accommodation and ground transportation. The offset contributions directly support CO2-reducing projects verified by the most comprehensive and stringent international standards.


Global travel club Bidroom provides direct access to exclusive deals on hotel bookings and discounts on partner services, at any moment, anywhere in the world. Through its partnership with CHOOOSE, Bidroom enables over a quarter million members with the option to act on climate change by taking responsibility for the unavoidable carbon footprint from flights, accommodation, and transportation services.


Experiential travel company Withlocals has partnered with CHOOOSE to offer customers unique experiences with a low carbon footprint. The online travel platform is known for its unique way to connect people with cultures by breaking down barriers between travellers and locals worldwide. The platform provides opportunities for travellers to experience cities from a cultural perspective and for local hosts to earn an income by sharing their city & passions with their guests.


Navigator Gas has partnered with CHOOOSE and committed to addressing its unavoidable carbon footprint by offsetting 1,068 metric tons of CO2. In January 2020, Navigator Gas announced its first carbon-neutral sea voyage. Through its carbon offsetting program, Navigator supports IslaSol Island Solar Power project in the Philippines, a renewable energy project verified by the United Nations.


Santander Consumer Bank is part of Banco Santander, one of the largest financial groups in the world. Santander is firmly committed to contributing to the protection of the environment and was named the world's most sustainable bank in 2019. CHOOOSE has been Santander's climate-technology partner from 2018, spanning from event activations to employee benefit programs to impactful auto offsetting solutions.


Viessmann is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating and solar products. By replacing old heating boilers with modern systems, their customers alone reduce CO2 emissions by 500,000 tons per year. Viessmann has partnered with CHOOOSE to expand its climate commitment into other areas of its operations, spanning from product bundling and sponsorship activations to employee- and customer engagement.


CHOOOSE has partnered with Ticketmaster and the Norwegian PiPfest festival on implementing seamless climate action options at check out. When ordering a ticket, customers can choose to reduce more than their personal carbon footprint during the festival, by funding the equivalent reduction via some of the best climate projects around the world.


Born out of the global mobile distributor Brightstar, INDY offers consumers a wide selection of reused phones that comes with a 2-year warranty for a fraction of the price compared to a new one. Through its integration with CHOOOSE, INDY is boosting the impact of all their phones with a 2-tonne CO2 reduction. This means that one used phone alone is saving the same amount of CO2 emissions as it takes to produce almost 30 new phones.


The Austin, Texas-based activewear brand Outdoor Voices partnered with CHOOOSE to bundle the launch of its new Solar Short with climate action. The solar short is part of a dedicated uniform for team sports, inspired by the polycrystalline solar panels in Big Bend National Park. For every pair sold, Outdoor Voices offset 1.375 tonnes of CO2, which is the average monthly footprint of one American citizen.


With the core purpose of making fashion better and more sustainable, the Danish designer brand Designers Remix has partnered with CHOOOSE to carbon balance its collections across its production cycle. For each Designers Remix style produced, they balance out 50 kg of CO2, which is equivalent to one and a half times the CO2 emitted by a pair of jeans during its entire lifetime.

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