Meet Santander Consumer Bank, the economic transformers who use CHOOOSE technology to lead consumer finance in a greener direction.

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"Tackling climate change is a responsibility for each of us, and for every company. It poses an existential challenge to our communities and economies. This is an emergency, and we need to act as if it is one. We are doing our part, helping our clients in the transition to a low carbon economy."

Ana Botín, Banco Santander Executive Chairman


Santander Consumer Bank Europe leases or finances approximately 28,000 autos per day. CHOOOSE has developed a uniquely holistic, international, and multi-language integration for consumer-facing auto compensation programs across Santander European markets.

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As part of Santander Group's ambitious goal to reduce its operational footprint, the organization performs control of consumption, waste management, and calculations of greenhouse gas emissions arising from its facilities around the world. CHOOOSE has been orchestrated as one of the offsetting partners within Santander's corporate sustainability operations.


Since 2018, Santander Consumer Bank has worked with CHOOOSE to implement climate action as an employee perk for its workforce in Norway. The initiative includes offsetting the carbon footprint of every employee - making its entire Norwegian workforce climate positive..


Since 2018, Santander Consumer Bank Norway and Oslo Business Forum have worked on a joint mission to explore collaborative methods to enhance the focus on sustainability, particularly through CO2 reduction and promoting digital transformation. Through its partnership with CHOOOSE, Santander has contributed to making Oslo Business Forum becoming the world's first climate-positive business conference, by offsetting the related carbon footprint of its speakers and audience.


Santander Norway partnered with CHOOOSE to implement climate action at the largest sports tournament in the world, Norway Cup. By offsetting more CO2 than the 30,000 participants produced over a week, Santander reduced more than 3000 tonnes of CO2. Players were also invited to reduce even more emissions through engaging event activations on site.

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